Following the negotiations in the America’s, studying changes occuring with
globalisation, acting as a research hub and participating in the public debate.

The Observatory


The Observatoire has the mandate to monitor the free trade negotiations underway in the Americas, to study new forms of integration, to serve as an incubator for research and to join in public debates on or about free trade and market liberalisation. The Observatoire works in tandem with other members of the CEIM and establishes networks with centres, researchers and organisations that have comparable missions and assume similar mandates. In order to fulfil it’s mission, the Observatoire maintains links with NGOS and other social groups involved or concerned by the processes of integration underway in the Americas, as well as with the business sector.

The Observatoire’s mission comprises:

  • The study and monitoring of (1) regional and bilateral accords signed and in the process of being negotiated in the Americas; (2) economic and political developments in the Americas; (3) questions regarding globalisation; (4) questions of cooperation in the Americas, particularly the role of the OAS and other regional institutions (IDB, ECLAC, etc) with regards to continental integration; (5) questions regarding individual and collective rights, including economic and social rights, the rights of vulnerable populations, the right to development and issues regarding the movement of populations and the democratic charter; (6) questions regarding development and the juridical pluralism inherent to social, economic and political integration in the western hemisphere.
  • The study and monitoring of integration in the Americas, governability and the division of powers within federal frameworks both from a Quebec and from a Canadian perspective.
  • The study and monitoring of the negotiations underway to create a free trade area in the Americas, as well as those regarding the rights to democracy, individual rights, and sustainable development.
  • The organisation of workshops, conferences, debates and training sessions on integration and negotiations underway in the Americas.
  • The sharing of information with a wider public on or about integration and market liberalisation in the Americas.
  • The linking up with other universities, research groups and observatories doing research on integration and market liberalisation in the Americas.
  • The publication of documents, reports and studies on integration in the Americas.
  • The welcoming of foreign researchers.
  • The formation of young researchers on these subjects.